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Russ Q
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Re: Aiki Principles Multi Instructor 3-Day Seminar

Hey all,

A weekend filled with great instruction (lots of stuff to take home and work on!) good humour (as you can see by Janet's posts).


Kimberly Richardson Sensei - showed us to reach inside and be behind long before physical contact! Beautiful movement, beautiful dojo!

Kaizen Taki - Systema - helped us understand the freedom to move is always there if you understand your fear....Systema training is a deep, deep well to draw from.

Howard Popkin - my stomach hurts from laughing! So welcoming & full of humour. Very direct, gentle and unstoppable technique. Thanks too, to Joe Brogna for coming and reinforcing everything Howard did.

Toby Threadgill - I'm not overstating when I say this guy is a living master. Truly incredible and he showed us how to be incredible too.

George Ledyard Sensei- what a man! He put this all together and I can't thank him enough. Kudos to you George, this seminar was an incredible experience and all who attended have you to thank for it. Thanks for working so hard and being such a visionary leader!

I've been to a few seminars in my aikido career and I can say that this one is absolutely the most outstanding training experience I have enjoyed.

There's so much more but I'm going to stop now:-) Make the next one everyone... you really don't know what you missed.


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