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Re: Fire and Water

I've recently recognized more allegorical levels of the Fukushima "accident".

If you're not familiar with the Chinese elements underlying Asian culture, they are Earth, Metal Fire, Water and Wood.

They have a generative cycle and a destructive cycle.

In generation, Wood makes Fire; Fire makes Earth; Earth makes Metal; Metal makes Water; Water makes Wood.

In destruction, Wood destroys Earth; Earth destroys Water; Water destroys Fire; Fire destroys Metal; Metal destroys Wood.

The Fukushima incident the initial element in action was Earth.

It was Earth that shook and created the tsunami. But there are also reports that the earthquake itself ruptured the reactor containment vessels at Fukushima and released (destroyed) the cooling Water, exposing the Metal nuclear fuel, which caught Fire, which burned through the container floor and sank into Earth, releasing Water as steam from cracks in the Earth.

So we have a hyperactive involvement of Earth, Water, Fire and Metal in this incident and it's poisoning the entire world.

But where is Wood in this cycle?

Is it involved already, or is that next?

And if it is, how will that be, and what will be he results?

Good grief.

Better living through Science.


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