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Re: To help or not to help

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
Graham, when Mary wrote that all answers are in the moment, I thought I understood her to be saying that at that moment in time, a person would know what to do. Then I read your last comments and simply have no idea what you are saying. Difference in what? Why do you suggest that the various qualities of life disappear "in the moment"? Why would certain qualities be displaced by others such as help and harmony? Please explain further or send me a bicycle helmet to wear during training, although that may be too late apparently.
I'm talking Aikido. It's spiritual discipline which indeed does lead to quantities rather than qualities of life dissappearing in the moment. The best relationship for you I can give is zen, here and now, living in the moment.

Then zanshin is understood as is hara. Only from there may you experience your true self, your true nature and indeed get a grasp of what O'Sensei meant when he spoke for then you will notice what I have said.

And yes, 'normal' dualistic mind is no longer and what it is replaced with is what is natural to your true self, such as the spirit of loving protection and the doorway to Aikido.

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