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Anita Dacanay
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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

[quote=David Skaggs;290610]"I don't mind you using my example. I agree with you. The philosophy and spirituality that a person has is their own.

I didn't start practicing Aikido until I was 32 years old. By that time I had my spirituality and philosophy about life in place. Both of these are/has been influenced by a lot of things including Aikido."

I did not have my spirituality and philosophy "in place" at age 32, because to me my mind and soul are always changing and growing in one way or another. I started practicing Aikido at 42, and am now 45... I don't think I'm done forming either philosophical or spiritual beliefs, and probably won't be until I'm either dead or have reached complete Enlightenment. In other words, I feel that I still have plenty to learn.

But I'm confused - in what way did your Aikido practice influence your philosophical and spiritual life, if your Aikido practice has nothing to do with either of those?
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