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Re: The two body/mind concepts of Japanese Martial Arts.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Wrong again Greg I'm afraid. It is not me who implied this, it is those who want to find fault, a usual pastime for some.

I said I was taught it and my teacher emphasised Toheis principles. He knew the connection with Koshi. How? Who knows.

He was also taught mainly by Noro Sensei and when the split came in England he chose the route of Ki developement rather than force. So the continual link to Tohei is misplaced unless he was in fact taught it by Tohei. All this however is irrelevent as I am stating it and thus you can either learn or dismiss. I am also giving you references for you to gain increased knowledge of Koshi and it's history.

Another factor of My teacher was he was very stern in his teaching and zen. So we have a teacher who was zen orientated and taught what he had learned from Tohei and Noro and as to who else I don't know.

Have fun.G.
Thanks Graham, now I know where to go to find out when I am wrong about things

Your use of the term 'Koshi' apparently is more aligned with those from a Karate perceptive, nothing wrong with that at all - However, from a more general Aikido perspective, the term 'Koshi' simply means hips as in a hip throw - that is all I was saying.

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