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Re: The two body/mind concepts of Japanese Martial Arts.

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it's nothing that you don't know already. the chinese term, methink, is "kua". it's the power coupling area to transfer power from the legs to the trunk of your body, similar to the shoulder that transfer power from the trunk to the arms. ICMA would say to "keep the kua relax and round" so that you don't block or dampen the power flow to/from your legs to your trunk. personally, i think i have some blockage, because my ass is getting bigger (there might be a shelf or two here), yet my hips are still girlish, which presents a huge challenge to keep it out of the boot-up-the-ass-do.
Yes, the proper development and use of kua (or inguinal fold) does play an important roll in power generation, but that is not the hips.

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