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Re: Why is Easy So Hard to Learn?

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
I tell my students that the hardest part of learning any real budo is that it is really counter-intuitive to most everything else they do, or have done in their life in western societies. They usually then, think about that a bit (usually a few minutes

As a good friend and student of mine and a very fine budoka was fond of saying, "Ya buy 'em books, and buy 'em books and even read some to 'em and then all they do is end up eating the covers."
Osu Sensei,

Agreed again.

I often share that I was taught that if you feel like you are doing it right, then you feel it, and its wrong. If you feel like you didn't do anything, then you did it right.

I also often tell people that there are things you can "make" happen and others your have to "let" happen. Aikido and love are the second kind and much harder to learn.

BTW, I am still eating a lot of the covers of the books my Senseis have loaned me.

Rei, Domo.

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