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Re: Why is Easy So Hard to Learn?


I tell my students that the hardest part of learning any real budo is that it is really counter-intuitive to most everything else they do, or have done in their life in western societies. They usually then, think about that a bit (usually a few minutes because they're "smart") and then say, "I think you're right. It'll be a lot easier now that I understand that..." :- ) There are the ones that hang around and end up getting it after a number of years... and then the ones that quit come back for visits and point out to me when watching that they recognize what I meant and are sure they could "do it now...."

As a good friend and student of mine and a very fine budoka was fond of saying, "Ya buy 'em books, and buy 'em books and even read some to 'em and then all they do is end up eating the covers."

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