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Re: Does This make me Racist?

() wrote:
Is it because I'm lazy? Or are we witnessing the imported-and-improved aikido for the next generation?
Don't know about th elazy bit, but here're my thoughts on the use of Japanese in the dojo:

First, aikido IS a Japanese martial art. There are some terms and ideas that are best expressed IN Japanese (shall we try to define KI in English ... again). Other terms are simply easier to define using the Japanese (shiho nage vs. four-direction throw; kote gaeshi vs wrist/gauntles returning).

Learning a little of the language allows us to peek into the culture and mindset of the folks who created the budo and most important, it allows us to cross borders and play with other budoka who do not speak OUR native language. 'Rei' and 'shomen uchi' are the same in English dojo, German dojo, American dojo (although the accents can lead to a bit of bemusement and amusement ...)
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I'm not a xenophobe; if you have an opinion then answer my question: Does a prefer for gaijin Sensei make me racist?
Not, but it may be limiting for you.


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