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Re: The two body/mind concepts of Japanese Martial Arts.

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
...the whole mind/body dualism thing could be tracked back to Plato (forms)...
It's been a long time since I heard a reference to "eide" though maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Your reference brings to mind the story of an observation of a teacher whose name I do not remember from a school I almost do. When asked if he believed in Plato's "forms" he said no, he did not. When asked, "why not?" he responded with one word: "Darwin". This put a different cast on that whole conversation for me.

I don't know about the dualism of body/mind in the "west" vs. the "east" but I would have thought there was at least a triumvalism of body/mind/spirit that need be dealt with.

I am quite sure there are a host of notions in "eastern" thought as well as in "western" thought that refer to different aspects of human being. That is, they do not use but one word to refer to the whole ball of wax.

Is not all else but detail?

I have no idea about Wittgenstein.


p.s. Still polishing?
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