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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

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writing to Mike:
Wow, everything is not always about you dude.
I had so many personalities and different debate topics from here and Ebudo and RSF running through my head in my two posts, including debates of the Taiji classics, the Kojiki, Kotodama, and Ueshiba's words, and then actual skills. Not the least of which was the OP's idea of "When is Aikido a Non aikido martial art".
I was thnking of how many angry posts by amateurs I have read, on the Net....
Then meeting with senior aikido teachers who later tell me ....This is Aikido!! And Daito ryu teachers saying "This is Daito ryu," and Master class Taiji teachers saying "this is silk reeling." The funniest being one Taiji teacher who said in broken English "No taiji?" and later when doing push hands, again a rather confused and sort of unbelieving repeat, with a tone like he would have used in English "Seriously dude, No taiji?"
Only to return to the Net and ........
More angry post by amateurs about what is or isn't internal or aiki.
Likewise, I have lost track of how many Aikido teachers have told me they have met Taiji teachers, Bagua or Daito ryu teachers, or some Karate teachers who were "Doing aiki.'
I suspect it's always been this way in Budo.
Oh well

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