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Diana Frese
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Re: Plantar Fasciitis and injuries

A lot of information in less than twenty-four hours! I'm so glad to have y'all on Aiki Web for present and future reference. Not much to add myself, since my plantar fascitis problem was way back in 1986 as a result of jumping back into stretching exercises when my hubby and I came back to my mom's lawn for some long postponed practice. I didn't know what plantar fascitis was until later, after I got it. We were doing the normal lean forward over the leg and grasp the foot as usual, but after almost a year of no stretches. Of course that was stupid, to begin with. Then walking around our horseshoe shaped road in my late brother in law's minimalist soled wrestling shoes that laced up the ankles lightly. Well, bad for the heels...

Imagine me limping around with that condition as a construction gofer carrying tool boxes out of the car .... needless to say I had to tone back on that and stick to the errands part, not the schlepping tools in and out....

So.... in line with something some other posters have mentioned, eventually my knee went out too, but when I went to the doctor, he said there was a normal range of motion and I decided not to gamble on surgery. In 1988 I had a chance to teach class for a few months to others who had injuries and couldn't attend the regular dojo in town, and though I missed doing ukemi it was still great to be practicing at all, and surprisingly the class did well until we had to rent out that part of the woodworking shop to another artist.

Well, that's my story from way back when. In my case I seem to remember that Japanese zories (what we call flip flops but with a more substantial sole than the old style beach variety) helped when I could finally locate a pair. But for me, that was what I had been used to during my training years, I had just worn out my old ones and not found new until I hunted in stores.

Perhaps it was the elapsed time, taking it easy on carrying stuff, or maybe it was the zories. I had noticed, however that my arches seemed to have fallen since Aikido days, and felt the zories might guide my feet back into balance. For those who can do suwari waza, curling your toes under seems to have been great for arches, from what I remember from when I was doing suwari waza (and loving it)

Well, that' s me reminiscing again, but I can agree with two main points I found from the above posters, that an injury can throw off other parts of the body's functioning, and conversely, an injury can often be corrected by looking to hip function, etc. Now I am gratified to note that there is a special branch of medicine devoted to sports, where there are doctors knowledgeable about the various functions and needs in various sports and activities. Didn't quite say that right, but y'all know what I mean. Thanks again for the wealth of useful information.
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