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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

Hi Alec
You're welcome. I read your Bio. That's a good way to go. All I'm saying is to remain neutral and check the information and these pundits out. All of them. I recommend it all the time. The Hawaii group is a good example. I recommended all those people, instead of just sticking with me. Never settle for one view. If you think the subject is always about you it's rather revealing. When you live in a small world, you have a small view. We need a broad exposure for a more educated view. I've very much enjoyed moving outside of the Japanese arts and meeting with and testing with ICMA teachers as well. Nothing like real experts opinions of your skills instead angry debates with amateurs. In time I see an ever growing group of us 'Japanese style" artist doing the same as you have Alec.
I am also greatly enjoying making friends with so many senior Japanese style teachers and sharing. The internet...can work after all.

I've enjoyed the debates here and on other forums, and I am enjoying reading some of the newer translations of old works, as well reading the experts arguing over what is supposedly all settled and agreed upon. Both the Japanese and Chinese have translation issues but more importantly that even with native speakers within the arts... they argue over meaning and much more with skill in use. I've lost track how many times I have read books (by experts) and when they get to important concepts the caveat; "Many people think this meant that, but......." Then they outline a different view,
So it is truly comical watching people try to set themselves up as the Rosetta stone for all things internal or aiki, when the subject itself is debated by real experts. It's a fools game and I want no part of it. It's going to bite them in the already has, hasn't it? It's rather embarrassing to over-reach with their writing then be found out when people see and feel them, read reviews of their movement by real experts and get more knowledgeable about the topic only to discover things were not as "fixed" as they were told.

Here? It's smarter that people recognize their place and be respectful of other opinions, show what they know and more importantly what they can actually do and move from there. Maybe some have good information, maybe they don't. Maybe they have some power but really can't teach well, what have you. but the level of hubris and now outright animosity is amateur hour all the way. I'm guessing it comes from their bluff being called... an over played hand.

I also say go see and test the experts. See what you can do up against them. It's a good combination. At least it lets you see who is full of it...or full of themselves, and who has information that people can actually use instead of just talking a good game.

That seminar Date is fluid right now due to scheduling conflicts.
There probably will not be an announcement here. Less than a third of these get togethers get to be publicly announced, they are already full before a posting.
Stay in touch via PM or
All the best

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