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Don Nordin
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Re: Plantar Fasciitis and injuries

Thanks Everyone for the replies. To address some of Toms points I am working with a Physical Therapist and working on a number of core/hip strengthening and flexibility issues, as well as stretching the calves, hips, and hamstrings. No doubt that this is part of the underlying cause, however it all flared up when I wore a new pair of running shoes on a long plane flight. I just bought trail running shoes and they apparently had too much padding for me. For the past several years I wore a couple of pairs of good dress shoes and a pair of casual boat shoes almost everywhere I went. The shoes basically have a thick leather sole minimal heel and almost no padding on the insole. I could walk for miles in these shoes, but me feet would be sore. Not debilitating but sore. So after a trip from Rio then on to Seattle I thought I would give my feet a break and wear my hew running shoes for the trip from Houston to Seattle. I felt pain as soon as I got off of the plane. That was early June, I missed about 4 weeks of practice after that trip, last week I started experiementing with shoes again and it got worse, that brought me to the minimalist shoe discussion with my doctor. I also think there is a diet component to the plantar fasciitis. Its all related, get one spoke to tight and the whole wheel goes out of true.
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