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Re: Aikido is Not the Next Reality Show

Oh, I'm quite sure all there's more than enough romance, drama, humour, suspense and (especially) politics, if mostly beside the mat. At least the aikido community I know is not that "harmonious, free, uplifting, and not based on drama" - really, no. Hey, we're all human... so there's love, hate, personal feuds, just about anything you get with a large group of people (especially if they're all in one place for a camp!)

And btw, I don't believe there are any Krav Maga, Parachute jumping or Salsa dancing reality shows either (although I might be wrong with some of those), so I really don't believe it's a matter of "the spirit of aikido" - it's just neither common enough nor spectacular/exotic enough to be interesting to the viewers, really!
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