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David Maidment
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Re: Riots in Great Britain, What Would O'Sensei Have Done

The problem with politics is that everyone has good intentions. Right up until they get into power and realise that the last guy was a poor leader because we work within a framework of capitalism and external political pressures, which entail limited funds and that you have to screw over one guy to help the other. No leader can ever do it 'right', because our political system of choice is always going to favour one sub-set of society and penalise another.

There are very simple solutions, of course, but no one's prepared to suggest them because we don't want to look too much like those commie buggers in the East or those dictators in the Middle East.

Although, to be fair, David Cameron was very truthful in his election campaigns; he told everyone of his plans that basically said, "I'm going to f*** you all over to 'fix' things" and people seemed to cheer him. But now they're crying wolf. That was one thing that I never quite understood.

"Never escalate a battle unless forced to do so by your enemy" - Zordon
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