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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Yannis,
I do not know how you arrive at the conclusion that after O Senseis passing training in Jo/Ken , Batto Ho,suburi , kumi tachi, tachidori /jo dori went out the window.As a member of Birankai International I can safely say all of these disciplines[including Za Zen ]are practiced consistently within our group.
Why not take the time and effort to look at Biran online and see for yourself?Or contact me in Pm.and I can give you futher info.
Cheers, Joe.
Dear Joe,of course there are aikido dojos that are practicing the complete"menu" of aikido training and of course there are dojos that are training according to aiki and the basic aikido principles (and our dojo is one of them too), otherwise it would be an utter catastrophe for the future of the art.But unfortunatelly what i said are not mere personal conclusions.I have an awful lot of bad examples of people who have chopped aikido to pieces(and they still call it aikido), then chose to practice only some of them and then they are wondering what was o'sensei's amazing secret of proficiency, claiming that they can never reach his level because he was somehow unique with a...metaphysical meaning.It's easy to declare him a god as an excuse for our lack of skill.Of course that doesn't mean that all aikido practisioners are doing this.So the point of my post is actually that o'sensei didn't invent aikido waza he reached it by practicing and if one practices in the same manner and in the same spirit there is no limitation, he can reach any level.And once there(and only then), every technique, every improvisation every daily work, anything can be aikido as long as it is within its basic principles.Thanks for reading my post and for your reply.
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