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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
With the Chinese or Japanese writings it is important to realize that the real experts debate and argue over the meaning of them.
Not really and certainly not always.
When you look at the Japanese classics you have just as much debate as the Chinese and this is evident in Kotodama and the Kojiki. It is probably wise to spend the time to research and talk with more knowledgeable people than consulting with and offering false expertise to amateur nobodies, or to get too involved debating with newbies, or arguing physics models with people with little skill as some sort of verification , validation or 'imagining" that it is leading to some sort of immutable and final understanding.
That is as stupid and as ignorant, as not reading them at all.
Right. Good luck to all your students, Dan. Just for informational purposes, tell us once again about where you learned to "imagine spirals", Dan, and where you became more than an "amateur" yourself in so few years. Give the money back. Let me re-state something I've said over the years: It's easy to fool beginners; it's hard to fool experts. On the other hand, if someone is too easily fooled, let them continue onward.

If you want to have a concrete debate, please take up the points I've tried to offer in the spirit of honest debate and study/discuss those; oblique and obscure shots at unnamed 'others' aren't a good way to start. A better place to start would be to tell us why qi/ki is different in Japan than in China and why people like Feng, CXW, and others don't really understand Asian martial-arts. Quotes or logic work much better than assertion and oblique character attacks (ad hominem).


Mike Sigman
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