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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

Yeouch, come on Dan, please don't get too cynical! Even those who aren't totally "missing it" are going to suck at first, right? Anyway I think your points are right on.. for me, I want to keep an open mind, keep on learning and try to not fall off the budo bus.

Alec, I think you are right on:
Alec Corper wrote: View Post
I begin to suspect that some of Ueshiba's spiritual ramblings were in fact technical allegory in the same way. I don't know wether it was intentionally so, or simply the orchestrated byproduct of the imagery and language he was full of.
My guess is your latter explanation here is at the heart of it-- though I also think he was completely aware of how his language was not mainstream and would need to be "decoded" by the rest of us. Really though it's true, using that kind of language is in keeping with tradition, not just him being weird.
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