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Re: Plantar Fasciitis and injuries

I used to run pretty hard and had this once. There's a few things to know that can help it heal faster. I also have a high arch and arch supports help out!

First, your toes point when you sleep and this makes the plantar fascia (arch tendon) on the bottom of your foot contract. When you stand up in the morning you risk tearing it where it attaches to your heel and further irritating the pain you already have.

To help with this, you can wear a foot brace that holds your foot at a 90 degree angle at night so that plantar fascia doesn't contract.

Stretching the calf is also great thing to do. The Achilles tendon needs to be stretched because that attaches the calf to the heel.

Having good arch support also helps out. It will take a few months for this to heal. Anti-inflamatory medicine and applying cold will also help.

Good Luck.

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