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Keith Larman
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Re: Plantar Fasciitis and injuries

GIGANTIC WARNING. Anecdote to follow...

Had trouble with it on and off for years. Tried lots of things including cortisone shots (which helped a bit). For me it turned out that it was more related to my calf muscles. So it was stretching and ironically enough wearing my "vibram five finger" "shoes" that made a difference for me. It changed how I walked, how my feet were used, and over time it simply went away.

Could be coincidence. The physical therapist thought it was possible, however, that it was related to the change in my gate, running style, etc. with the "minimalist" shoes.

So today I tend to wear Nike minimalist walking/running shoes if I need a full pair. Vibrams in my workshop. Nothing when possible.

Again, gigantic fwiw and completely a study with a sample size of one...

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