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Don Nordin
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Do symbol Plantar Fasciitis and injuries

I'm dealing with Plantar Fasciitis and a minor tendon tear in my achilles tendon. The achillees is not as painful as the plantar. Lately it is adversely effecting my ability to get on the tatami. Generally I am OK on the tatami after the foot loosens up, but it can be quite a bit painful afterwards. and it is throwing off my posture, so that's not good either. I am not convinced that staying away from practice is the best thing, as I get alot of personal well being from practice.

My question for other Aikido players is have you had this problem before and how did you get rid of it. I am presently using a sports medicine Chiropratic technique called active release, coupled with EPAT (Shockwave thereapy).
In particular it would seem that the type of shoes one wears can make things worse. My doctor pointed out to me this morning that he deals with Martial Artists as barefoot atheltes and that normally a minimal shoe does better than a heavily padded shoe. No I do not wear shoes in the Dojo or on the tatami it is for the other times of the day that ask about the shoes.
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