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Looking for a male & female Aikido Sensei to establish a DOJO in Kuwait

Dear All,

I would like to start by giving an intro and then ask for what I have in mind..

I reside in Kuwait and I own my contracting business, im in love with Aikido since sometime and couldnt train due to lack of Dojos that can give a full time Aikido training.

I have decided the following:

Im willing to establish a Dojo provided I find a Sensei who is a holder of 4 Dan and above. Ofcourse he needs to relocate to Kuwait were I live and he will be heading the dojo and he will be a partner in it earning 40% of the profit along with a monthly salary.

I prefer someone affiliated to one of the known Dojo's, I want it to be perfect and internationally organized. I would like to help spread this beautifull art and way of life in Kuwait.

I will be needing a female sensei for we have here alot of females who prefer to learn from a female due to cultural reasons.

I would like to get feedback and if anyone is interested please mail me direct to also any ideas or thoughts are welcome.


Tawfiq Wali
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