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Re: summer! yay!

We mostly train indoors, yet weather is so much a part of our practice. I can't imagine what it would be like to train in 70F "summer" and "winter". Last winter was cold and very snowy, and some people would get to the dojo early so they could put their gis on the heaters so they wouldn't be ice cold when they put them on. This summer has been unusually hot for New England. Some people drift off to more hospitable climates, both summer and winter. For those of us who stay -- for me, at least -- the climate challenge is a reminder of the lesson of any adversity: the goal is not to train because of it, not to train despite it, but to train with it. There are many things stronger than you, and climate is just one of them. So we train, soak our sweat towels, apologize when we drip on each other. We linger in the dojo garden in the relative cool of the long summer evenings. A wise New Englander soaks up the light when the light is there. Another challenge will be here soon enough, and we'll train with that when it comes.
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