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Re: Basics of Spiraling Motion

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
There is more going on than can be seen in the vid so some one who knows how to do it has got to be there to provide commentary and direction/corrections for real progress.
I agree, Rob. The idea of how the whole body winds, IF "natural" movement is used, was pretty widespread long time ago and that's why the old sayings about winding/spiraling/'reeling-silk' are still repeated in so many martial arts.

At one time, during the heyday of martial-arts in Asia, many if not most martial-arts practiced the "Six Harmonies" type movement, which is still seen in the so-called "internal martial-arts". Many of the still-existing martial-arts, as a matter of fact, still call themselves things like "Six Harmonies Praying Mantis" when in fact the actual practice of the Six Harmonies winding relationship has disappeared over time.

There's a valid question whether Ueshiba actually knew the winding/spiraling relationship or whether he was doing the standard validation of his art by repeating the old adages as part of his art...IF that's what he did. Difficult to say because of the dearth of information we have nowadays. However, it's a fascinating discussion and it goes far beyond the normal waza-focused discussions.


Mike Sigman
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