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Mike Sigman
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Re: Basics of Spiraling Motion

Another case of Hidden in Plain Sight. You have to actually look, y'know.

I've seen at least two purported "Chinese martial arts" enthusiasts who frequent another forum say something about an "argument" how silk-reeling, etc., works. The interesting thing to me is that supposed CMA enthusiasts aren't aware of the basic information that I did in the O.P. of this thread or they wouldn't have made the remarks they did. That information on how the 4 directions of power apply to reeling-silk-aka-spiralling has been available in the U.S. on videos by world-recognized experts since the late 1980's. It's been discussed in publications. It actually and logically makes sense to anyone with even basic skills. Just some added input for Ellis' thesis on how things can be right in front of people and they don't get it.


Mike Sigman
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