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Re: ineffective technique from sensei?

Dan Rubin wrote: View Post
I don't think the OP is talking about henka waza. I think he's talking about variations on kihon waza. Perhaps his instructor is calling them "henkei" waza.
oic.. that's called henkei waza.. all this time, everyone in my dojo only knows it as henka waza.. my instructor also calls it henka waza. yes, what I've been talking about should be referred to henkei waza.

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Why would you think that that was impossible? It's quite common that an instructor will end up with a batch of beginners, none of whom has decent ukemi. If you're the best of a bad lot, that doesn't make you good.
I've just realized that too. thanks..

Denis Mysenko wrote: View Post
If you don't like something about your current dojo including your instructor's style - why not just change the dojo?

Naturally some students prefer one instructor and others prefer another one. It's easier to change the instructor rather than fight with the "system".
there's only 1 dojo in my neighborhood.. even if I can switch dojo, I like the people in my current dojo. so I don't want to move.

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear David,
I mean no disrespect to your instructor when I say that sandan does not mean your instructor has mastered Henka Waza.There may well be flaws in his waza.If indeed you see openings in your Senseis waza, surely it would have been better to quietly ask him /exchange views with him rather than post this type of blog .
Frankly I think you show little respect for your instructor and lack courage when you fail to discuss this issue with your instructor.
As a senior?in your dojo, in my opinion you should have more respect to your Sensei.I believe you have undermined your Sensei.
Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
It might be too big a step to 'confront' your teacher. He is clearly struggling with his experience with/view of his teacher. First question yourself, then the other. So it is wise to get informed the best you can and prepare well. He merely vents his experience, does not really judge his teacher, only questions him.
Would he in front of the class confront his teacher, this would be a challenge and he would possibly undermine him. But...I agree the best is to talk about with his teacher, one-on-one. Builds character...
Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Seems to me that questioning your sensei in front of the entire aikido community on the internet( possibly including your sensei and your fellow students, who very well may be reading this) would be worse than doing so in the dojo....
I see.. I've never thought of that. I thought I can be open about my feelings on the internet. I'll be careful not to say bad things in the future. my original intention was to share my feelings and ask if anyone has the same experience as me and what they did about it..

I'm sorry if I offend anyone in anyway with my posts.

thank you for your comments. can aikiweb modz lock this thread? I don't think this thread is going anywhere.
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