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Re: Restart on Jin/kokyu and "Spiraling"

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Jonathan, do you agree that a system under various torsions, etc., can still system-wide convey an outside push from one side to the other, regardless of the torsional forces within the system?
Yes, agreed. I wasn't intentionally over-complicating this, but for all I know, the reasons that things are linked in my head is the same reason as any other person's, so these reasons may be at the heart of this discussion.

Breakdown of my thought process which has been dissected here:
when you put conscious effort into moving relaxedly, trying to let the ground's strength replace your own, it is tempting to call the entirety of the result 'ground strength.' Any/all the forces that an attacker experiences when they touch you after you have practiced something like this can be tempting to be referred to with a single name. (when I do this he twists and moves to the left.. one might be tempted to say the ground strength is causing both)
But in fact there can be multiple things going on inside you that are the causes of those forces. If the way your tissues are connected when you move with relaxation and settled balance, in order to allow ground to go through you, causes your limbs (or your partner) to twist, the cause of the twist is different from the cause of the push. One is the internal connectivity and internal state of tensions... the other is the ground.
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