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Aikido IS Ukemi

Bruce Baker wrote:
...So from my modification for a disability, I find ability, variation, change, and enlightenment from not taking ukemi but modifying it into an energy disappation technique.
I have been taught that what you described is ukemi, of which falling down is the first stage. In other words, ukemi is an energy dissipation technique and the most fundamental level is learning to fall down without harm.
Bruce Baker wrote:
...Have any of you used this method of casting your throw outwards rather than down to see these things? If so, what other things did you see?
Yes. If uke's center of gravity is extended to a range where they cannot recover their vertical structure and each successive movement degrades their chances of recovery (of vertical structure), they will fall down, either in one step or a dozen. Contrarily, if uke has a chance to regain their vertical structure, they should. If the uke operates on this premise and the "degradation" of their posture doesn't occur during the projecting throws, they will stand back up, either in one step or a dozen.
Bruce Baker wrote:
...I thought it was interesting to notice the value of a wall as the object of completion for a technique rather than the floor?
I think gravity's effect should always be the object of completion. My teacher likes to say "hit 'em with the Earth".

Jim Vance
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