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Mike Sigman
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Re: Restart on Jin/kokyu and "Spiraling"

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Well I sure don't have any disagreement with what you've said, Mike. But, that by itself doesn't mean that I disagree with anyone else in particular. I don't get Erick Mead's angular momentum descriptions, but lots of people don't get them... that's the only thing that comes to mind that I can't get behind. The reason I don't get turned off by "spiral" talk in general is that, per the above discussion, I still would agree with any kind of statements like:

When one purifies the body, one begins to move according to natural spirals that are byproducts of our human body plan. This pure or simplified movement can transmit extrinisc forces like the grf throughout the body continuously, without interruption or loss of fidelity.

As a beginner, I should remain open to things I can't do, and for all I know that includes things like chansijin as well as having these spirals of the body take on a more deterministic influence on the directions of force my body tends to prefer to produce.
But I am open to learning any points of view that my body doesn't tell me are bad..
There's really nothing wrong with Erick's pointing to angular momentum, Jonathan. The real problem is that it's like saying "molecules are always in motion". True, but not explicative enough to determine either understanding or "how to".


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