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Marc Abrams
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Re: Changes: Into the second decade


My experience has been that a period of great frustration immediately proceeds some major breakthroughs. I like the poster's comment about always moving. I find that I am always looking at what I am doing from a variety of angles, perspectives, aims and goals. That is why I adopted a monthly blog for my school. I think that being able to shift perspectives helps to look at things anew. I have added some things to my own training and taken some things out. This is always open to change.

I seem to find an ever-increasing complexity in seeming minute aspects of what I am doing. Like polishing a stone. Never smooth enough, always imperfections discovered, sometimes anew. It never ceases to amaze me as to how deep and complex even the "simplest" aspects of Aikido can be.

I wish you luck in your journey. There are MANY paths that lead to the same destination. Never assume that you are stuck forever on one path, or to think that only one paths leads to the end.


Marc Abrams
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