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Re: Restart on Jin/kokyu and "Spiraling"

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Imagine a ball suspended in the air (via imaginary antigravity) and you push it with jin. If the ball goe backward, a linear force was applied, fairly undoubtedly. If someone wants to posit that the ball went backward because of the tangential effect of angular momentum caused by "contradictory spirals", I'm happy to listen.

Mike Sigman
On second thought, Jonathan, simply look at "Open" and "Close" (one based on the support of the ground and one on gravity). or look at the jin forces of Peng, Lu, Ji, An. A person trying to pick the flyspecks out of pepper could try to argue "angular momentum" about anything, but those forces as seen in any Statics text are going to be shown as vectors coming from the body. The question isn't whether you raised your big toe when you generarted a force, the question is what kind of force are you generating. In this case it's linear.

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