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Mike Sigman
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Re: Restart on Jin/kokyu and "Spiraling"

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Hi Mike, much clearer-- in fact I would personally prefer this:

My impression based on my own sensation: any force (like the resultant force from the combination of several forces) has a single magnitude and direction, thus is said to be linear. However, to continually manifest a coherent, controllable resultant force from the whole body's (and partners') contributions, one should pay attention to the curves of the body's articulation.
Well, no one should pay attention to "the curves of the body's articulation"; you pay attention to the results and let the body do the rest, for the most part. When you push open a door do you "pay attention to the curves of the body's articulation"? No, you're more in tune with the feedback and linear force that it takes to push the door. You could arch, twist, etc., in a number of ways while you're pushing open the door, but wouldn't it be true to say that the main thing of importance is that you used a linear force from you to the door (whether a stiff-armed normal push or a push from the dantien)?

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