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Re: Restart on Jin/kokyu and "Spiraling"

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
And now my reply to the blog post itself. I like this presentation of "ki of earth" and how it is used in the body. But, Mike, isn't this a new interpretation of the terminology?
Yeah, it's a change in the terminology because for years I was just focused on "how is it done" and didn't get too worried about the complex cosmology (which can go into such detail that it confuses rather than helps). What happened was that I finally got interested in more precise terminology because of something that came up in relation to the meaning of "qi" in acupuncture. Then I started looking harder, clarified the distinction, and made a post on QiJin noting the change in terminology. Not function; just terminology.
To sum up, the body should be used to channel the "universal" forces (meaning they don't come from our volition, but from the universe's own apparent volition) of weight and grf into its movements. Internal pressure from the breath can be used to do this. If that sentence is correct, then that internal correctness is a separate point from whether or not I assign grf to "earth" and weight to "heaven" as you did on the judoforum post or if I call both of the m "earth" as you have in the above blog post. In other words how I describe what I do in my own words carries weight and is important, even if how I register my concepts to the "classics" is also an important, separate point.
You probably should start a different thread since we're veering off topic. The main point to remember in the Qi of Earth idea is that the desirable thing to do is to use gravity and ground-support instead of muscular strength. Gravity and ground-support forces go in straight lines. Period.


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