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Bruce Baker
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Aikido without Ukemi

Due to the advancement of my illness, Meneniere's disease, I have to leave out the ukemi when my balance starts to go. That is to say, the throw causes the room to spin, vibrate, or move for a few minutes after ukemi is completed.

So ... I have modified those times when a throw would leave me helpless to having the throw either turned into a stretch, or being thrown forward where two or three steps can disappate the energy of a throw.

It is an interesting concept in that it opens up the concept of either randori from a bad throw, or in that the object you have been hurtled toward is vertical, not horizontal.

The other observation I made at last weeks class was that the nage is not at the end of their technique, but strongly in a ready stance for uke to return again.

On the other hand, I noticed that uke could induce a throw with the energy generated by nage from their throw so that uke would then throw nage if they held on.

So from my modification for a disability, I find ability, variation, change, and enlightenment from not taking ukemi but modifying it into an energy disappation technique.

Have any of you used this method of casting your throw outwards rather than down to see these things? If so, what other things did you see?

If not, would you ask your teacher to try such a thing?

I thought it was interesting to notice the value of a wall as the object of completion for a technique rather than the floor?
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