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Re: kamae problem

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anyway, there's this not-so-new student in my dojo that refuses to do the correct kamae as instructed. he says that if we stand that way, it will take more time to do a technique because we'll need to change foot. I've tried to explain to him that that's what various ashisabakis are for but he won't listen. I'm not the instructor and I don't like to waste my time saying the same thing over and over, so I just let him do as he likes(he stands with both feet adjacent sideways because he thinks that will allow him to move anywhere better).
Hello. I am jumping in to this late and I have not read the rest of the posts in this thread - so I am sure what I am going to say may have been brought out by others already - however, here is my input nonetheless.

The new student is correct, a more natural stance gives you better balance overall and allows for instantaneous movement in any direction without having to shift weight before moving your feet - we do this in the form of Daitoryu I study as well as in the IP/IS training we do - and since I have incorporated that in my Aikido waza, it works well in that environment also.

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