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Re: iBudokan: Aikido App for iPhone and iPad

Greg Maroda wrote: View Post
I'm glad your husband was able to get those apps out painlessly. It took my friend hundreds of dollars and months of hoop jumping just for the licenses. Android was under $100 and less than a week.
Same here. Getting an app up in the iPhone App Store takes three years and four animals; getting an app up in the Android Market took $25 and a few minutes.

I also wouldn't assume that an iPhone app is more popular. The last big wave of mindless iPhone purchases has come and gone, as the reality of Android erodes the "only an iPhone is any good, I don't know why this is so but I believe the marketing" zombie purchasing impulse. In recent purchases (including the big iPhone-on-Verizon push), IOS had 25% market share, Android had 50%, everything else (Blackberry, windows, palm, etc.) had the remainder.
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