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Talking Analogies to jog the memory

Them techniques can get awfully tricky to name now and then, how do you folk remember what to call them?

I'll start:

Kaiten nage = Mary Poppin's Technique ('let's go fly a kite', try to time the throw with the end of the chorus)

Suwari waza = swearing like a **** . Making a little popping sound as you get the other person's balance is mandatory!

Kokyu nage = the one with the little whooshy sound

Sumiotosh = Sumo no-toss (trace the chubby belt line)

Irimi nage = You 'n' me (a backwards 'hug', tough love eh?)

Kotegaesh = Caught a guy's (wrist)


Keep 'em rolling!

The world changes when you do.
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