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Anita Dacanay
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Re: Teaching Children Aikido

As a mother and an Aikido practitioner, I am a little sensitive when I hear people talking about starting a kids program to help pay the rent, and concerns about not wanting to be a "babysitter." While a kid's program certainly can be a wise business decision, you are dealing with small and vulnerable human beings.

In my opinion: Whomever decides to teach children's Aikido classes (at any dojo) should:

1) actually like children and be able to relate to them well;

2) be excited about, committed to, and capable of constructing meaningful Aikido classes for children;

If there is such a person or persons at a dojo, then I think a kid's program can be a great thing on many levels. But it requires a sincere commitment to the children to make it work well.

So says Mom.
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