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Re: ineffective technique from sensei?

@shadowfax: I'm sorry, I think I used the wrong words. by contradicting I mean to even ask "what if"s like "what if he punches from here?" or something like that.

@Brian: I think you have a good point about learning to transition to other technique. I'll give it some thought.. my sensei thinks of henkawaza as somekind of a specific technique that hasn't been taught by O Sensei. he may also have a good point in that O Sensei may not have an eternity to teach all possible moves for all possible situation.. his henkawaza IS based on basic tai no henko like tenkan, ikkyo undo, etc.. it's just that I'd thought that if he'd make up a henkawaza then he'll come up with something less sloppy variation.

I'm not learning martial arts ONLY for fighting reasons. as I said earlier, I actually like learning them. I know that aikido is not all about fighting, but according to a book I read, it IS still a martial arts developed by O Sensei by researching human anatomy and "perfecting" other martial arts.. so taking account that O Sensei was trained in fights and martial arts (a good one at that), I tend to think that calling a sloppy technique as aikido is a disgrace to His name and invention (Aikido).

@Graham: I think I have the same view on henkawaza that I think my sensei has. I think henkawaza is a variation of Aikido technique based on Aikido taisabaki.. but I think they still are not supposed to have many openings.
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