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Shihan's Ki

I have found many resources on the web relating to the study and practice of Aikido. I am, or try to be, a good student of Aikido; I regularly practice with various Sensei at my club, the British Aikido Fellowship, based in Birmingham UK ( I am but a lowly 4kyu seeking something I cannot really see or feel, but know I must continue to strive for. Poetic nonsense, maybe . But an anonymous vent of how I feel about my particular Aikido.

We at the BAF are very lucky to train with, and learn from Shihan Ralph Reynolds. A mild mannered tornado Aikidoka of many years experience. In actual fact, though sometimes I wonder why, I find it very difficult to approach him especially on the subject of his use (?) of Ki. A kind of magic that enables him, and some of our high grades, to 'pin' without touching, 'throw' without effort and seemingly 'draw' energy from Uki without making contact and leave Uki helpless on the floor, unable to recover and sometimes unable to walk because of a seeming utter lack of energy!

I watched with wonder an example of 'his' Ki; a nidan instructor who placed his hand on a coffee table in front of Shihan. Shihan laid his hand over the top of his; only for a moment or two. Shihan then removed his hand and asked the nidan instructor to lift his hand from the coffee table and guess what? He couldn't! He could not lift his hand! Why? I don't know I can't even begin to guess .

Is this purely an effect derived from hero-worship perchance a placebo effect?

Or is this middle aged, 60-something year old man tapped into something that maybe others have missed?

Has anyone come across this kind of Ki before.

In anticipation of offending any, let me apologise in advance. I am, but nothing else, a traveller; someone seeking . something he can't quite see or feel . Yet.

Your esteemed comments and feedback are welcomed.

I am, but nothing else, a traveller; someone seeking . something he can't quite see or feel . Yet
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