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Re: teaching the blind

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Still don't see that as an example of putting in harms way. I see that as acting irresponsibly. Why do Nikkyo on someone with a bad wrist?
That's not putting them in harms way that's blatantly being inconsiderate and brutal and betraying the students trust.
It is probably my bad english. I understand that to put one in harms way means that that person is liable to get injured in a certain scenario. Said person had better known what to do to get back to safety (or safer situation). In Aikido this is no different, but for the fact that you are never (intentionally) in real danger.
With this understanding I think in Aikido you are never really in danger, but when injured you might be. So yes you certainly act irresponsibly when you put aite in danger by disregarding his injury and 'put him in harms way'.

In a real fight:
* If you make a bad decision, you die.
* If you don't decide anything, you die.
Aikido teaches you how to decide.
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