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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Thanks Mike, I appreciate the comments. I can feel it, but at this point I have no words to describe it which is where I am stuck. I think your comments start to give myself and others a place to look, even if it's Chinese in origin. And from a book. And wrong. (Sorry, had to throw in those shots, Dan's setup was too good). Seriously, I appreciate your comments, this stuff is complex.

I agree with you, I'd like to tease out some comments from Dan on this too. I think they would be valuable. It is a different feeling when you work with someone that can express this type of solidity and power.
Well, there were a couple of threads on the topic that were discussed on QiJin starting back in 2007. There are quotes (in Japanese and English) of comments by Shioda, Sagawa, and Tung. I'm on pretty safe ground, although if you look at my post, I was simply offering an observation, not making a brusque assertion.

Looking back at Dan's comment where no one he's met has ever understood, etc., I see basically that he's *saying* mostly the same thing (what he really does is a question since he has a different interpretation of 'internal strength' than I do), so I'm not sure what the conflict is: we seem to be generally in agreement.

Logically, what Tung is saying is and must be true for Elbow Power.... anyone doing 'something else' isn't using internal strength. The dantien is used to power all movements in real internal strength.... even closing the hand.

2 cents.

Mike Sigman