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Lee Salzman
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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
I love stand-up grappling. Gets me doubled over every time!

In other news, this post could help parse out the meaning:

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Asagao is a beautiful combining of breath power, the use of fure aiki and elbow power. For the purposes of a drill you can do some interesting things dividing the energy, but every one of those principles are displayed anywhere in the body. Extendin ki into the fingers is meaningless without a developed body and understanding of how to use it.
Maybe in some Japanese traditions there has been this term "elbow power" to refer to what the Chinese have called "peng" (peng being the upward power of the ground projected through the bones of the body in an expansive fashion)? Fits in with the fact that "kokyu" is not a 1:1 translation with "neijin"-- because "neijin" has variants and skill-subsets that don't have anything to do with "breath." Just speculating here.
I am not so sure that is what is being said there. Notice that he said that you would need a developed body on top of that, and that is probably more where the analog of what you are calling "peng" there might come in. So take "asagao", take out the aspects of what Dan has labeled "breath power" and "fure aiki", then what is left and conspicuous about "asagao" that he is describing there that might have some commonality with the expression "elbow power"?