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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

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Generally, the power from the ground goes up the legs to hips and dantien and then the shortest path to the point of application. If you try to route the ground power up over the shoulders, you wind up with "normal" strength, not internal strength. Some Chinese styles (particularly southern styles like Wing Chun, Hakka, etc) keep the elbows and forearmsn in that line from the waist in order to maximize the power flow. Here's a translation from one of Tung Ying Chieh's books from the 1940's mentioning the idea:
"To loosen the shoulders and drop the elbows means not to concentrate the force at the back of the shoulders. Actually, the strength is transmitted through the upper part of the forearm."
The idea is a fairly common one in a number of Chinese martial-arts.
2 cents.
Mike Sigman
Not even close. Not even nearly complete. Yet, another idea picked up from a book.
Further, it's not in keeping with what elbow power is in the arts that coined it in Japan. Just another square peg in a round hole. Worth..well...about 2 cents.

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