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Re: Aikido Express

Hi. My name's Keith and I worked with Peter Sensei to create Aikido Express. It is now totally open to the public. For the last few months it was protected by a login page while under construction but the whole site is now open. At the moment, our site has our video lab, some articles,and a video shop with downloadable videos and some other aikido products. We have a lot more coming in the future as well. The video lab is quite interesting. It contains short clips of one technique at a time and you can "scrub" the video by dragging your cursor across it, play it in slow motion, play it frame by frame, and draw lines on it to help you analyze the motion of the technique. It's a demo version and has roughly 50 clips right now from Shihan and Shidoin. The full version is a few months away and will have hundreds of clips and a few more features. Hope you all like it and find it useful...
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