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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

We can look at this issue differently. It is said that Aikido is using the opponent's power and is more effective if the attack is fast and strong. Why? Of course, if uke runs like crazy, then after descending upon him from the road and with a simple push, we can expect that he will fall over, or hit his head against the wall. It is a totally different matter when a boxer, standing firmly on his feet punches quickly and strongly. Not to mention, if someone skillful is using a knife at a close range.

So, to be able to take each attack we must practice with a partner in the near distance, gradually increasing the speed of the attacking hand. We have to forget about the movement of the entire body, because in a realistic situation there is no time for that; similarly, overtaking the attack. Response to the attack can only be made by trained reflexes of the deviation of the head or the trunk, and by following the uke's hand by our own hand.

Now, lets talk about the "power of the elbow". Our hand, the forearm actually, performs a circular motion (ude-mawashi) with the elbow almost motionless. In a certain moment it becomes a barrier to the returning uke's hand. There is a clash between our open palm and the uke's base of the wrist, which completely confuses the uke and gives us a fraction of a second to initiate a technique.