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Re: Farewell Aikido

Hello there,

The techniques in aikido are there to teach you the arts principles. Not every technique practiced in the dojo is going to look the same on the street. If you were not training with resistance in the dojo that was Uke's fault and the fault of your sensei, and yours for not asking. Resistance does not mean Uke stands stiff and holds his limbs as tight as he can. If he is doing a Yokomen, ask for a haymaker and practice with real intent. If you stand there you get hit. If doing Ushiro Waza ask Uke to grab as he would in a real situation, it is up to you to time the technique correctly to make it work! If you can't make it work then you need more practice. On the street there are no rules as you know. Expect to be bit, spit on, hair pulled , eyes and ears ripped out of your head ect.. No art can prepare you for what may happen. We train and train so there is no thought-everything must become a natural reaction.
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