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Marc Abrams
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Re: A Difficult Application

When I use to give workshops and lectures on parenting I would tell them the funny story about I.Q.

When your children are old enough to speak fluently, they think that your I.Q. is in the superior range. Your I.Q. very slowly decreases to the high average range as they are entering pre-adolescence. Your I.Q. then nose dives to the point that your teenage children are amazed that you can remember to breathe on your own without life support systems in place. Your I.Q. slowly begins to inch up so that by the mid twenties, you are smart again, but not as smart as they are. When they are around their thirties, they realize that you were really smart after all and that intelligence is too subjective to be that important a measure after all.....

Like Randy, I can now enjoy spending time with my two eldest children and I am a goofy, fun-loving grandfather who loves to give the grandchildren back after a nice ice-cream bonding experience (so that the parents can deal with the sugar high later ).

Parenting is quite the ride.... I wonder if we really knew what we were getting into how many of us would have had as many kids as we did?

Marc Abrams
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