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Re: Aikido is Elbow Power

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Why? Because there are ways to use elbow power different from the center in the hand while still retaining the center in the hand. And it has some very important and useful aspects for aiki arts, grappling, punching as well as weapons.
Hi Dan, ok this is what I thought. There must be something specific to talk about when something gets its own name.
Is there a video where someone really highlights elbow power? Ueshiba?
I don't want anyone to teach over the net. I just want to know what this term refers to. Is it like using the elbow as a mini dantian? Is it related to "unbendable arm?" Is it some kind of elbow-specific store/release? Is it poking somone in the ribs with the elbow? It's nice to know roughly the type of thing that a term refers to, even if we can't nail down specifics on the net.